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We all have our heroes in life, and for me, when it comes to photography I have the utmost respect for this guy. Jared Polin, also known as Fro, for his amazing hair, is a blogger that is not only very animated but extremely good at what he dose. If you didn't get what it is that he does best, well it's everything photography! Not just a superhero in the game, but guiding all of us to find our inner superheroes.

This screenshot is from a recent post of he has up, on his youtube page, I have linked this photo to that relevant post. This post was very humbling and showed off the respect that Jared has for his watchers. Here he dives into a self-challenge to photograph his home/loft that he is currently (Apr 18, 2020) preparing to part with. You would never imagine the work that goes into staging a place for rental in order to find the right buyer. That is if you gave two shakes! But after sitting through the entire 49min and 3 sec of the video I was left with this feeling as commented on his youtube page.

Damn! Fro No Photo?

This dude served it! Looking at the photos that were critiqued the guest designer did know what he was saying. I did feel a bit distracted by the amount of info being presented and was disconnected by the space. Now the tree last ones, especially the one with the horse and the piano with the accent of the stoplights... Dude, I immediately said to my self, I could die in that space!! Same with the front on view of the front room... OMG!! I guess what he is saying is that that genre of photography is all about art! Your place should be a gallery for the viewer to imagine themself living in.

The floor plan will convey the space, but the eye needs to feed the desire of the heart. Comfort... That dude rocked! I could see you were becoming more and more uncomfortable with every review. I was laughing like crazy because I know how it feels to do your best, be proud of what you have done, expect the praises to start raining in.. Then, Boom! This dude right here!! Right? Hats off to both of you, I love your work Fro Bro! and appreciate your opening up this to the world. It makes me feel good to know that we all have our strengths. Too often I am looking at everyone's work and saying, I only I was that good, or I could never be as good as that guy! Now I know that's true! I guess we all have two things to learn here. 1. Sometimes, according to the level of professionalism, we are looking for, the simplest projects are best left to the experts.2. Letting down our guards can open us up to a wealth of knowledge we would have never receive had we never done so..I'm sure I speak for a number of viewers when I say to you sir, thank you so much. This has been both entertaining and humbling. gear and knowledge are not the only things needed in becoming a professional. Sometimes heart and soul dictates what feels right aesthetically, and someone that is already producing the work that you would like to shear space with professionally, who has in time developed that heart and soul-driven eye for protection, maybe the one person or persons that we may need to reach out to. There are still good people out there that are willing to give it to us straight for our own road to growth.. Please visit Jared Polin's YouTube page if you from Mars and never heard about him to catch up on many photography topics, tips and tricks, and reviews that will assist even the most novice photographers to become better at what they love.

Again I'm kind of new to blogging and I'm just expressing how I feel about things. Please give feedback to help me get better at this thing. What did you think after watching the video?

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