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Freeport, Grand Bahama. Bahamas

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Our First Blog

November 26, 2016


To be honest, I never quite understood the concept of blogging.. It always sounded so futuristic and far beyond my time. Im an young, old soul. Am assuming that you simply state what's relevant to the site and what's honestly on your mind.. Kinda sound like self therapy with you all as the doctors.  Then again this can be a place I can share good content of the day or my latest work. 


Since this is my first blog I ask you professionals to forgive me where I come off road and track through the bushes of my mind at times.


My name is Andrew Rolle and I am married to the most amazing woman, Doral-Butler Rolle. Photography has always been in my DNA. For some reason I just always had to capture something on film, find a cool way of looking at things I saw and show someone the beauty from my eyes. I dont know if I would ever call myself "The Professional Photographer" because I see so many photographers out there with strengths I can learn from. And even then emotions cannot be perfected, reality  can never be duplicated and light is a constant change. We get better as we learn to observe them all and use their strongest points to display what is perceived from our geometrical location, the exact second we lift our shutters to allow our controlled light to hit our film/sensors. We are better than uncle joe or aunt betty because we are able to adjust to our environment to get 97% of the time, exactly what we want.


We understand people, even in the most stressful times, and with the most difficult of situations, we teach ourselves to adapt to their needs while keeping true to our style and branded themes.  We are never hired, we accept jobs according to our Art forms, even though we constantly evolve our art skills. We understand that each day is unique and special and never put a limit to cost to get the customer the best possible final film of photo series. 


We offer on the spot printing to events, and pose for beauty and flattery.



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